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Synternet is a blockchain that powers modular, interoperable data infrastructure across all major chains. Just as the Internet connected isolated computers in the late 20th century, Synternet connects isolated blockchains today - it is a unified, synchronized evolution of decentralized networks that tears down walled-garden barriers and enables seamless access to and execution on any cross-chain data.

With the introduction of AEAs (Autonomous Economic Agents) that empower developers to create composable, use-case-specific applications, Synternet will unlock unprecedented opportunities for innovation and set new standards for interoperability.

The Evolution of Blockchain Interoperability

Synternet represents a significant leap forward in blockchain interoperability. While previous solutions have focused on asset transfers or cross-chain messaging, Synternet’s Data Layer enables instant smart contract execution on any data from any chain. This opens up a new world of possibilities for builders, who can now build applications leveraging data from multiple blockchains in real-time.

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Synternet's Data Layer

Synternet is the backbone of the Data Layer, a protocol serving as the customizable execution layer between all blockchains. It enables builders to See, Interpret and Act on any data from any chain, supercharging their applications.

Free Data Quest

Building a Web3 project can be significantly more difficult than a conventional Web2 app, especially when it comes to data access and integration. A new dApp, whether for the DeFi, Trading, AI, Gaming, or NFTs, needs to seamlessly connect with different data sources, all while avoiding centralization risks.

That’s where Synternet’s Data Quest comes in: we offer a free, complimentary consultation to help you get your data needs handled. If you’re currently using APIs, RPCs, or even running your own nodes, we’ll help you streamline your data infrastructure and supercharge your dApp.

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Use Cases

Synternet and its Data Layer power data infrastructure for projects building in the AI, DeFi, DePIN, Trading, IoT, Gaming, Governance, and other Web3 spaces.

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Reward node operators on Synternet for providing physical infrastructure, encouraging contributions of bandwidth, storage, compute, sensors, and other resources.

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Access real-time data to power complex models on-chain. Build decentralized machine learning models that can leverage cross-chain data and events.

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Verify ownership by cross-referencing on-chain data. This enables checking provenance across multiple sources of truth, regardless of what chain you’re using.

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Stream real-world sensor data to your blockchain application. This allows IoT devices to trigger and interact with smart contract logic.

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We ensure instant on-chain access to real-time data for building complex derivatives and trading algorithms, including price feeds, volumes, and liquidity depths.

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Synternet enables automated decision-making in advanced governance systems by leveraging instant data from multiple sources, allowing DAOs to react in real-time across chains.

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Game developers leverage Synternet for in-game economies, accessing real-time data for NFTs, currencies, and financial activities across multiple chains.

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