Staking disclaimer

Last Updated on: Mar 09, 2024


Syntropy Network Limited (“Synternet”, “We” or “Our”) appreciates all Users of our services. Your safety is our main priority, therefore we are taking all possible measures to prevent users being scammed, stolen from, or suffer any other informational breach.

Acknowledgment of Risks

Having the above in mind, we are not completely protected from rapidly advancing scamming techniques, hackers, or other threats. Thus, before proceeding with our services, including purchasing NOIA Tokens and participating in said NOIA Tokens staking process, we ask you to read this disclaimer.


By using our services, you automatically agree to take all caution measures including but are not limited to double checking contact information of received emails, messages, or any other type of communication, abstaining from sending your personal information to unknown contacts, or transferring your NOIA Tokens to unknown E-Wallets. Therefore, you can only rely on information found on Synternet’s official website or sent by our official email([email protected]).


Unless it is absolutely necessary, Synternet will not ask you to transfer your NOIA Tokens to any E-Wallet, unless it is related to the Staking process. In that case, the request will be made via the official email of Synternet, which you can always double-check by contacting us via [email protected]. While enlisting in the staking process, please be noted that the NOIA Tokens can always be recovered. However, some limitations might apply, therefore, the amount of NOIA Tokens recovered could be different in volume.


Finally, by transferring NOIA Tokens and/or enlisting in the Staking process, you assume all the risk of losing your NOIA Tokens, being hacked, and/or volatility impacts and waive any direct/indirect claim right to the Synternet company and/or their representatives. Synternet shall not be held responsible for fluctuation of value of NOIA Tokens, failure to fulfill its obligations due to unforeseen circumstances, liquidation, bankruptcy, restructuring, or any other organizational or economic failure. Furthermore, Synternet shall not be held liable for any hacking or other type of breach which results in financial, or any other loss suffered by the users.


Therefore, none of the above, or any information presented on Synternet’s official site, shall be considered as financial/legal advice. Before proceeding with enlisting in the staking process, we strongly advise you to contact a financial advisor, lawyer, or any other specialist with specific knowledge in this field.


Please contact us at [email protected] if You have any questions about the staking program.